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Time to Move On? – forever-digital

Time to Move On?

I’ve been thinking about the future of this site a lot lately. It’s been on my mind for at least a few months, but with my impending move and new, post-college life, I’ve been trying to organize everything and this site keeps popping up in the question mark category.

On August 25th I’ll be celebrating my 7th recorded year here at forever-digital. I say recorded because the older posts were somehow lost wayyy back in the day when I was a n00b and still fighting with the likes of greymatter (Remember those days? Ancient times, indeed!). That’s a REALLY. LONG. TIME. A third of my life, in fact.

But, the sad thing is that posting here for 7 years has really become my only motivation to continue posting here. Why stop now? Will I regret stopping? Will stopping make these past 7 years all for naught?

The why stop now question is the only one I have a definitive answer to and that answer is leading me closer and closer to closing the doors, so to speak. You see, with all of these newfangled modes of communicating and recording, I find that I have less and less to talk about when I actually sit down to write something here. I’ve been updating Twitter pretty frequently for the last 2+ years. My flickr stream is almost always current and a good representation of what I’ve been up to. And then there are my Tumblr and delicious (and now even my Google Reader activity) which collect all of the miscellany I find in my travels on the interwebs.

With all of this fragmentation, I’m left with little to talk about here, especially now that school is over and I likely won’t be talking much about what I’m doing at work until after the fact. This blog has always served as more of a personal diary or journal. I’ve gone off on tangents here or there, but for the most part I consider it a time capsule of my high school and college years. With those years behind me and with so many other services out there to cover my incessant need to share and collect and record, this blog has become a bit of a relic.

I think it would be fun to have a fresh start. A place where I can write about whatever suits my fancy without taking away from the dairy aspect of this site and where I don’t need to worry about people stumbling upon my horrendous use of 14-year-old teeny bopper internet speak to talk about the kewl thingz i did in skool that day!!! :) :) :)!!!1! But, the sentimentalist in me doesn’t want put this place out to pasture.

I do have some ideas for what I would like to do with a new blog, should I decide to finally cut the cord and move on. I even found a domain I’ve had lying around that would fit the bill (another part of mission:organization – finding domains that I forgot I had!). I suppose the only thing that’s stopping me from moving on is that same fragmentation that’s leading me to move on in the first place.

I don’t like fragmentation. I like things to be neat and organized. Documented and easily accessible. An organized mess.

Right now I just have a mess. A mess of services and updates and usernames and accounts and it’s just all over the place. I think the only thing I have going for me is the Yahoo! Pipes stream I set up a few years ago to funnel the majority (if not all) of my online activity into one neat little feed. Had I been gifted with a bit more foresight, I would have sent all of that activity to one place so that it was archived for posterity in a nice timeline of internet nerdery and growing up. But, alas, I was not that insightful.

Which leaves me right back where I started. Do you see my dilemma? I’ve been on this loop for a while and I’d really like to make a decision, and soon. Any words of wisdom?

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  1. Call it an innate human inefficiency, or the need for yet another google app, but we are creatives of redundancy. I don’t know of a single half decent writer who didn’t write books, shorts, poems and essays.

    So what do I think? Twitter to your heart’s content as thoughts pop into your whirring head. But at the end of the day, collect these thoughts into a few hundred words of reflection, and blog away! We need our daily dose of Jenn.

  2. Ah greymatter. Boy, I think I started blogging like ten years ago. Has it been that long already? I always had a journal of some sort, and I think I always will, so my blog isn’t going anywhere.

    Sometimes we need a change. You’ll still feel this need later, so you may as well switch now.

  3. I’m the kind of person that whenever I reach a new point in life, I like starting over. There’s no problem with that at all, except with blogging. It does get to be a tedious task with organization, but being happy where you’re blogging is very essential.

    I’ll follow you wherever you go, I promise.

    PS – Welcome to 20sb! :)

  4. Hey Jenn,

    Even though I am not a periodic reader of your blog (I did see somewhere that you were in Europe, as I remember you talking about Lichtenstein and what a “lovely city…errr…country” it was :-D, and I have bumped into it a couple of times in the past through the facebook newsfeed), what made me decide to comment is the fact that I have kept a blog for the past five years or so that I finally decided to close down last night. Just like appears to be the case with you, I used to try to be as open as I possibly could, although after a while I did remove the link from my facebook because, in my case, I thought it was a bit too public and that was keeping me from being completely open about my thoughts.

    And so it was that I got another domain, transferred the entries over and restricted the number of people who had the address to like ten or so. However, for the past couple of days I began reaching the realization that

    1) Those ten people who had the address were some of the closest people to me, and if I were to write an entry about someone, the possibility of it being about them was very high, so I still found myself not being as open as I wanted to be, and for my blog to serve its purpose of helping me reflect on various aspects of my life, I knew I had to be completely open with the blog and with myself
    2) A couple of times in the past I used my blog as a way to convey my thoughts to people I cared about, but experience has shown me that telling someone how you feel about them through a blog is not the best thing, and so I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again
    3) I am moving back to Brazil tomorrow, and so I want to start off fresh in all aspects; I think my blog served its purpose, but now it’s time to move on.

    And so I guess the point of this massive comment (sorry, I write a lot, and I guess I’m already missing blogging when it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet) is that I relate to you in finishing off Cornell and wanting to not only start off a new chapter, but a different book altogether.

    And lastly, if you really are going forward with the closing of your blog, I’d recommend exporting your entries to a file and saving it in your computer, because if you ever regret your decision, you can always open up a new blog, import your entries and go on from there.

  5. *Liechtenstein


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